Yone (oh_yeah_i_rule) wrote in toxic__surgery,

Name/Age/Location: Yone, 15, Hopewell JCT
Sexuality: Straight
Single or taken?(provide picture if you can): arrrg....single.
Myspace link if you have one: www.myspace.com/sean_wants_pjs_sex
Take a few sentences to tell us about yourself: I'm Yone. No one can say my name right the first time. I'm 15 and my birthday is November 4. I love the color pink and I like math. I like taking them stupid myspace surveys cuz I have no life. I like how I tried to spell everything right and have the punctuation stuffs but I still manage to type "cuz" instead of "cause" or "because". Werd. I like Invader Zim a lot.
All time favorite song: At the moment i guess Hotel Yorba or The Denial Twist by The White Stripes.
Favorite movie: Mean Girls
Whats your most embarrassing moment?: Like i remember.
What is the meanest thing you've done to someone?: I dont really do mean things.. i just say them.
Show us something funny:

Advertise us in your user info and to a public entry in your journal.
5+ pictures: Laterrrrr when i feel like resizing some pictures and uploading them to photo bucket..


werd there Steeeeve happyyy? hah

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